Parent of autistic kids:


Instead of paying an interventionist

to enforce rules and procedures,

with graphs, rewards and repetition… learn the easy way to nurture and support

their unique brain based on human nature,

creating least stressful environment

where your family can thrive.

🛑 There are lot of STRUGGLE POINTS as far as raising an autistic kid is concerned.

🛑 There are very real, systemic barriers in place that prevent a lot of happy and authentic neurodivergent success.

🛑 Your emotions as a parent are valid and so often overlooked.

But here - we view autism not as a disorder, not as a superpower.

We know parents aren't perfect but you're trying.

Autism education based in reality.


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Rosemary Bloom

Autism and Neurodiversity Coach

Hello, I'm Rosemary!

I help families raise happy, successful autistic kids without outside advice, through learning how to think like an autistic kid.

This skill, combined with your own expertise on your kid, helps you see the world through their eyes.

This means you’ll know quicker, see problems before they start, and never doubt that you’ve made the right decisions.

If you’ve got an autistic kid and you want these things:

✨ peace at home

💫 a better-behaved kid

✨ fewer interactions with teachers & interventionists

You're in the right place.

🌸 even if you feel frustrated and at your wit’s end

🌼 even if you’ve tried other strategies and they didn’t work.

Basic, easy-to-understand autism education in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.

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