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Our online Autism 101 For Families class has twelve modules of simple, easy-to-understand lessons so that you can get to know your unique kid’s autistic traits. This way you'll understand why they do what they do and say what they say!



Videos, live coaching, and Q&A sessions bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, showing you how to use the class information to build stronger connections based on mutual understanding and respect with your autistic kid, as well as increase your confidence for decision-making and advocacy.


Resources and Support

We’re constantly creating new resources and ways to support families. Our community group, weekly live events, premium newsletter, and downloadable scripts make sure you’re never without support on our journey.

Rosemary Bloom

Autism and Neurodiversity Coach

Teacher of the Online Autism 101 For Families Class

Autistic Education

With Love and Compassion

I empower families with knowledge and resources so they can become the loving, informed ally advocates their autistic kids need.

I’ve been an autistic advocate online and in groups for years. I’ve noticed parents ask the same questions over and over again; struggle with the same common problems. To make matters worse, everyone wants to tell families exactly what they think you should do with your autistic kid...whether they have any real knowledge in the matter or not.

Families deserve basic, easy-to-understand autism education in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.



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Our Offerings

resource #1

Online Autism 101 For Families Class

resource #2

our Support Community

Resource #1

Online Autism 101 For Families Class

Basic, short, easy-to-understand lessons that help you understand why your autistic kid does what they do and says what they say...even those challenging behaviors that seem so puzzling!


Community Support Group

A place for families and community members to LEARN, but also celebrate, vent, laugh, and talk with other like-minded folks as you and your family grow together. Monthly live workshops, resource shares, and other community-building topics.

Resource #3

Autistic Education Premium Newsletter

ResourcE #4

Total Meeting Mindset Confidence System


Autistic Education Premium Newsletter

Our premium newsletter will be your favorite thing in your inbox. Up-to-date and member-voted relevant value helps you stay connected to the community and get detailed answers for your unique questions.


Total Meeting Mindset ConfidencE System

Ever leave a meeting confused or wishing you had said something else? Leave all that behind. We’ve got an entire pre, during, and post meeting system so you can take control of these meetings and appointments for your kid’s benefit.

REsourcE #5

Master Advocate Scripts

ResOrCE #6

Autistic Acceptance Coaching


Master Advocate Scripts

A companion to our Total Meeting Mindset Confidence System, these ad-lib scripts help you make phone calls, get back to teachers or therapists, ask for more info when you need it, and tell them you need more time before making a decision. You fill in the blanks then take these to your meeting or appointment and you'll never forget what to say again.


Autistic Acceptance Coaching

Understanding and accepting autistic kids - and feeling confident and empowered as their ally advocate - isn't easy. Video series and live coaching events build your foundation and determination on our journey. You make Big Picture and Small Picture Connections in each session so you can apply the idea to your unique situation NOW.


autistic ACceptancE

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