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We're an education company committed to

empowering authentic autistic success

We're creating a more equitable neurodiverse world.

Communication and social culture are accepted

  • Autistic accommodations are part of everyday life
  • What someone can do matters

Parents of Autistic Children

Stop challenging behaviors, overcome sensory difficulties, and reduce meltdowns so you can encourage authentic independence and real-world success!

Our Empowering Autism Family Program is an all-in-one resource and support system that grows with you and your child.

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Autistic Adults

We're developing education and support classes, workshops, and programs taught by autistic folks, for autistic folks.

What topics do you most want to learn about from other autistic folks?

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Rosemary Bloom

Autism and Neurodiversity Coach

Hello, I'm Rose...

Here at AuEdu, we empower autistic people through empowering their families.

This skill, combined with your own expertise on your kid, helps you see the world through their eyes.

This means you’ll know quicker, see problems before they start, and never doubt that you’ve made the right decisions.

If you’ve got an autistic kid and you want these things:

✨ peace at home

💫 a better-behaved kid

✨ fewer interactions with teachers & interventionists

You're in the right place.

🌸 even if you feel frustrated and at your wit’s end

🌼 even if you’ve tried other strategies and they didn’t work.

Basic, easy-to-understand autism education in a safe and non-judgmental learning environment.

Autism Family Resources Help and Support

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