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Autism Checklist Traits Symptoms Signs of Autism

This FREE Informal Autism Evaluation Checklist will help you to empower yourself and your potentially autistic kid!

Autism Checklist Autism Symptoms signs of autism diagnosis

Here's how you can use this checklist!

Q: Is this checklist easy to use?

This checklist is easy - it can be filled out in one evening, or leisurely over a couple of days! The results - whether your kid is autistic or not - will help you decide on what steps you should take next.

The results you get here are knowledge to inform your next steps and resources to make your decisions with confidence.

Q: Is this checklist accurate?

In the USA, most formal diagnoses are based on DSM-5. This checklist is both similar and different, because it accounts for the ways that autistic traits express in diverse people.

This checklist is based on multiple credible multiple sources, has been reviewed by licensed psychologists, and tested on dozens of people with a (so far) over 95% accuracy rating. While it’s not an official diagnosis, it is reliable information.

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Disclaimer: This is not a formal autism diagnosis. We are not doctors, psychologists, social workers, or affiliated with any other autism organizations or agencies. This Informal Evaluation Checklist is meant for informational purposes only.